“The kitten is cute, you can pet it, you can appreciate its loveliness, but it has become a tool for people who are a little twisted and abnormal to vent. Gu Bo is one such person. If he is unhappy or has a bad day at work, the kitten becomes the object of his vent. With his good looks and decent job, he is hard to relate to as a cat abuser. One such well known ABC News reporter in Beijing abused, abandoned, and killed nearly 20 kittens since January, an act that was eventually discovered by neighbors and neighborhood properties and revealed a long hidden secret.
According to the cleaning lady, in March, he often found the body of a kitten hidden in some flowers in the neighborhood. At first, he did not care that it was normal to starve to death, until one owner lost his key, when he helped her find it, she was shocked when they opened the trash can. The bodies of two unidentified animals were thrown away as garbage in a black trash bag, since I couldn’t see the small animals being treated like garbage and put in the same place as the domestic garbage, I decided to find a place to bury them, but who knows in the buried time actually discovered is two has been dug the eye kitten, the method is extremely cruel, the leg has been broken. Although he was very angry at the time, he was more shocked by what happened more than 10 days later. He found another kitten in a similar shape near the trash can under the same corridor. If it had not been for the amount of garbage that day, the transport truck would not have been able to hold it, the bag would have slipped without being seen. Then, as in other encounters in Lenovo, the building became a focus of attention, chatting with residents, whether consciously or unconsciously, as they swept the aisles. I just heard that this third-floor resident likes cats. And there’s always screaming in the house, which neighbors initially thought was a cat fight. Neighbors later learned that aunt repeatedly found animal bodies in the garbage can, just know the truth of the matter. Gu Bo also threatened to clean the aunt said he was a reporter, can investigate the information of her home, which made the cleaning aunt very worried, so quit his job, to work elsewhere.
Gu Bo to “Convenient, clean”as the reason to torture and kill those animals with their pain, it is intolerable. He’s using his position to intimidate people. Should be brought to justice. The 1822, the world’s first law against arbitrary human cruelty to animals, was enacted in Britain, the famous Martin Act, and for more than a hundred years, the United States, Australia, Canada and more than 100 other countries and regions have adopted laws to safeguard animal welfare, and animal welfare clauses have also been included in the WTO. In many Animal Welfare Protection Laws, the Prohibition of animal cruelty has become the most basic bottom line rules. It is the common understanding of civilized society that it is forbidden to kill animals, and the bottom-line guarantee of animal welfare should be written into the national law. How a country’s citizens treat animals is an important indicator of the degree of civilization of a society. Because the attitude toward animals directly reflects people’s basic attitude toward life. Although, under the restriction of macroeconomics and so on many factors, the protection of animal welfare is still a marginalized subject. However, we should expect the law to provide a minimum level of protection for animal welfare, with a clear ban on the killing of animals -- those whose fur and flesh meet our needs for survival and development, it is the duty of human beings to live together.