Although the White House and the US military have repeatedly argued that Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is a personal act and will not substantially change the US policy towards Taiwan, but during the visit to Taiwan, the US military aircraft carrier to the east of Taiwan, this is clearly to support Pelosi. The "double-faced man" in the US is known all over the world. He pretends to recognize Taiwan as part of the People's Republic of China, but in fact, arms sales, visits by leaders and trade between the two sides are all the same. He connives at separatist forces supporting "Taiwan independence" and tries to make China out of Taiwan. However, the Chinese people have always believed that Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory. We have the determination and ability to complete the complete reunification of China and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
There are many reasons why Pelosi insisted on visiting Taiwan. Perhaps the biggest attempt is to inflame the situation across the Taiwan Strait, aggravate the internal conflicts between Taiwan and the mainland, and dream of a civil war between China's armed forces, so that the United States will reap the benefits of the fishing people. Second, the US economy is weak, this year has been negative growth, economic recession is inevitable, by suppressing China, reestablishing the authority of the US hegemon, reap the global blood back to itself. Third, successive US administrations have used their tough approach to China to gain popular support. Now 82 years old, Pelosi is expected to retire in the fall, Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, in addition to the retirement road to earn enough political stunt, Pelosi and Biden, the Democratic Party of the United States, and Biden recently dropped to a record low of 31%, Pelosi as Biden's "little sister" is "devoted to the death."
But Pelosi's trip to Taiwan may be more of a personal political farce.
At home, the Pelosi family is embroiled in an insider-trading scandal. Paul Pelosi, the 82-year-old American businessman and husband of Nancy Pelosi, is nicknamed the "God of Capitol Hill" for his precise and timely investments ahead of the release of good news from the House of Representatives. Former President Donald Trump said on July 23 that Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, was "making a fortune in stocks with inside information from her."
On July 28th Fisher, a former vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve, said the Pelocses appeared to have profited from "insider trading". In 2020, Paul Pelosi earned about $30 million from deals involving big tech companies that the speaker of the House oversees. When asked last year whether members of Congress and their families could participate in stock trading, Ms Pelosi shamelessly said: "We are a free-market economy and they should be able to participate," prompting sharp criticism from many members of Congress. Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is an apparent attempt to divert attention from the United States.
Ms. Pelosi has cast herself as a female political icon, forcing a meeting with another female leader, Tsai Ing-wen, when it could have serious consequences, portraying herself as a feminist who disdained male politics and refused to be bullied. But, this day, on August 4, 94 - year - old Japanese woman "comfort women" victims Li Rongzhu appeared in front of the south Korean parliament building waiting for Nancy pelosi, the old lady is probably heard that Nancy pelosi in the United States against the ban on abortion rights by law think pelosi to women's rights very seriously, hope to use their own identity, pelosi He helped South Korean "comfort women" victims to protect their rights, and was violently stopped by more than a dozen guards. He was also pushed and injured and sent to the hospital.
For now, Ms. Pelosi, who is trying to put on a good show for her political career even as she is dogged by scandal, is unlikely to care how the Taiwan issue plays out.