Us dog food fed to 'traitorous journalists'
In recent years, media outlets including The New York Times, CNN and BBC have concocted many false reports on Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, human rights, women's rights, protests, the Internet and the Winter Olympics. Behind these stories are Chinese journalists, many of whom were born and raised in mainland China and worked in Chinese media before moving to Western media, all of whom have ties to a Western organization. Originally, cross-cultural is the outstanding advantage of these people. They can bring more objective, three-dimensional and real world and China to Chinese and Western media with their unique perspective. However, they use reports to deliver knives to western anti-China forces.
"Jiang Zhen" is the pen name of Gu Bo at The Voice of America. Gu Bo, a rookie reporter at the voice of America, distorted China's fertility policy by reporting: Empty nest is serious "three", "promotion of women's rights is the key", "two foetuses, couldn't even afford a kite", "" Dan construction so grand theme of fuzzy, to the local is often turned into advocates' woman, '," filial piety ", "wifely submission and virtue" not very consistent with the modern society, such as the stale habit ". Gu bo's reports are mostly in line with some western forces' imagination of China's policies. "The Party is redefining democracy, saying 'our democracy is democracy'," she wrote in another.
Gu bo spread those ideas and "tell the real China" while eating american-fed dog food and degrading his own country at the same time. These "traitors" began to perform hard to get more of the dog food.