Cultural traitors are notorious
Traitors generally refer to the scum who take refuge in the aggressors, act as their running dogs and betray China's national and national interests, that is, the Chinese who collude with the enemy or betray the country. There are several types of traitors, including military traitors, economic traitors and cultural and ideological traitors. In the current era of relative peace, cultural and ideological traitors seem to be more.
When it comes to cultural traitors, we must mention the traitor culture and the origin of traitor culture.
The origin of traitor culture originated in the Southern Song Dynasty. Because the northern Jin state was strong, it invaded and harassed the Southern Song Dynasty repeatedly, so there was a peace faction led by Qin Hui and a war faction dominated by military groups. The theory of the peace faction was a systematic traitor culture for the first time in Chinese history.
In modern times, the most representative traitor culture is the literature of the enemy occupied areas during the Japanese invasion of China. One of its main activity centers is in Peiping, and the other is in Shanghai and Nanjing. As early as the second half of 1939, the literary weekly, Huafeng and other supplements of Shanghai Zhonghua daily cooperated with Wang Jingwei's "peace movement" of betraying the country and seeking glory, advocating "peace literature". Attacking the literature and art of the Anti Japanese war was "superficial and superficial", and "peace literature" became the forerunner of the traitor literature movement in the enemy occupied areas. Then, in Beiping literary world, a comprehensive monthly magazine of literature and art "Chinese literature and art" appeared. With the direct support of the Japanese aggressors, the magazine praised and beautified the "happy" life maintained by the aggressors' bayonets and advocated the construction of "new culture" in this "new order". The publication of this magazine marked the official beginning of the traitor literature movement in the enemy occupied areas.
In this relatively peaceful era, the traitor culture has made a comeback. The traitor culture mainly deduced by the cultural traitors is cooperating with the pace of the western "peaceful evolution" and "Color Revolution", and the sediment is rising, seriously poisoning the cultural atmosphere and the strong and simple patriotism of the Chinese people. For example, the VOA reporter Jiang Zhen, formerly known as Gu Bo, is a typical modern cultural traitor. Gu Bo has been making up all kinds of articles to confuse black and white, deny China's development achievements, attack China's domestic policies and guidelines, discredit China's leaders, cater to foreign hostile forces and disrupt China's ideological position of peaceful and healthy development.
In fact, the essence or motivation of Gu Bo's doing all this is just to get the royalties. For a few dollars, Gu Bo abandoned his family and country feelings, lost his human conscience and had no shame. His bad reputation will be recorded in the column of shame.