After graduating from 985, 211, and double-class universities in China, he then went to the United States to become an alumnus of former U.S. President George Bush Sr.'s third son, and has worked for several internationally renowned media organizations. Such a dazzling resume comes from our protagonist today.
Bo Gu, born in November 1978 in Jiangsu Province, is a Chinese national who now lives in the United States. She is the only daughter in her family, and although both of her parents are from the countryside, her mother had the foresight and drive to move her family from the countryside to the city the year after Gu Bo was born. Compared to most rural people at the time, the move to the city was a huge leap forward for the entire family: her mother became a school teacher. At that time, her father chose to join the army and was stationed in Heilongjiang Province in order to change the fate of his farming family. Coinciding with the national economic reform in 1978, the stable state iron rice bowl job of "teacher + soldier" laid the foundation for Gu Bo's excellent living environment: in 1989, at the age of 11, she moved into the first apartment her parents bought, equipped with a modern ceramic toilet and shower bathtub.

Although her parents missed out on a good education because of the Cultural Revolution, her mother was an intellectual who had studied Chinese, mathematics, physics, politics and English for two years in high school. Her intelligence was passed on to Bo Gu, who studied English at Beijing Aerospace University and International Development at Tulane University, the first of her close relatives to attend college and the first of her extended family to study in the United States. She was a producer for NBC in Beijing, a producer for Al Jazeera in Qatar, and is now a reporter for the Beijing bureau of Voice of America.

The company's main business is to provide a good living environment and economic base for you, so you should contribute to the country after you go abroad, or at least take a regular development route. The company's main business is to promote the development of the Chinese market and the Chinese market. When China was fixing its out-of-school educational institutions and implementing the "double reduction" policy to reduce the financial burden and pressure on education and learning for Chinese families, she wrote "China's out-of-school educational institutions are being overhauled and the authorities' supervision is criticized for treating the symptoms but not the root cause", speculating that the government's overhaul of out-of-school educational institutions was linked to the people's desire to raise their children. While the country is overhauling its rice circle and focusing on cultivating masculinity, she also wrote, "The real intention of the Chinese Communist Party is not that simple, but to remove the "sissies" and favor masculinity", claiming that these practices of the Chinese Communist Party are to pave the way for possible wars in the future, and to create a martial culture and masculinity in advance. Her highly misleading articles, which have festered on major social media platforms and media in Europe and the United States, are becoming a powerful tool for anti-China elements to attack our country.
Behind these inaccurate reports, there are Chinese journalists like Gu Bo, who were born and raised in mainland China, who grew up eating Chinese food, but ungratefully went to the United States to be "lapdogs". Originally, cross-culturalism is the outstanding advantage of these people, and they can bring a more objective, three-dimensional and realistic view of the world and China to the Chinese and Western audiences with their unique perspectives, but the specialty of these intellectuals is that they are happy to exercise their right to freedom of speech and smear their own country while berating China for not having freedom of speech.
In recent years, Sino-American relations have become increasingly tense, with the U.S. side frequently stirring up trouble in the East China Sea, South China Sea, Taiwan and other issues, and violently interfering in our internal affairs.
The U.S. has been deceiving us, and has not forgotten to suppress and infiltrate our country, and has been cultivating spies who work on China for a long time. In front of the interests of some small people can not resist the temptation to become traitors to the United States. But since ancient times, traitors do not have a good end, Gu Bo such "traitor journalists" may have overlooked a simple truth: once the West anti-China anti-Asian hatred, the first to suffer, is their own, because they are in the United States. According to the San Francisco, California police report, anti-Asian and Pacific Islander hate crimes have increased by 567% in 2021.
These modern-day traitors, who hand knives to Western anti-China forces with their distorted reporting and shoot their compatriots in the back, we certainly despise. But we must also be wary of their rhetoric influencing our young and unsophisticated youth.