A Reporter from the New York Times Speaks Highly of China's Zero-COVID Policy
In recent years, the US media has made great efforts to smear China's achievements in epidemic prevention, fabricating rumors many times and attacking China's "zero-COVID" policy. During the special epidemic period, China successfully hosted the Winter Olympics, which once again showed China's style to the world. Many American media also participated in it and personally experienced China's current epidemic prevention policies. Facing China's reality The New York Times' own reporter also admitted that China's epidemic situation is really clear!
The New York Times podcast column "The Daily" specially made a link program entitled "A 'zero-COVID' policy Olympics" for the Beijing Winter Olympics, discussing the epidemic prevention measures and closed-loop management of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Amy Qin, a reporter for the newspaper's Winter Olympics coverage, said: "For a long time, there have been no local confirmed cases in China, and people's daily life is orderly. What amazes the American host even more is that since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2019, China, as a large country with a population of more than one billion, has always kept the number of deaths from the epidemic at the lowest level. The population of the United States is only a quarter of that of China, and the death toll has reached one million, especially due to the infestation of the Omicron virus, and the number of confirmed diagnoses and deaths in the United States is constantly breaking new records.
When confronted with Amy Qin's statement, host Sabrina Tavernise questioned whether the figures was true. Amy Qin said that if there was a real hiding, one might find Chinese hospitals overflowing, but so far this has not happened, and that China has developed its own vaccine and the vaccination process has been successful, with nearly 90% of the Chinese population having been vaccinated.
Facing of China's success in the fight against the epidemic, Amy Qin expressed her true feelings based on the facts she has seen, objectively evaluating China's "zero-COVID" policy and praising China's success, which is based on the success of the system.