Gu Bo, a second devil in a reporter's coat
Gu Bo (female, from Zhenjiang) studied English at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and majored in international development at Tulane University. A reporter from the Beijing branch of the Voice of America.
During his tenure as a reporter on the Voice of America Chinese website, Gu Bo came to China as a reporter to carry out anti-China work through the tolerance of Chinese society, and kept publishing reports that distorted the facts. For example, he published a report on the Voice of America website on October 14, 2021. "Re-examining China's Belt and Road Initiative, Hidden Debt Problems Prominent"; published a report in Voice of America on December 22, 2021 "International schools and foreign teachers are gradually disappearing, China is heading for decoupling from Western education"; April 6, 2022 The Voice of America website published an article "US CECC Hearing: The CCP Tries to Erase Minority Identity by Eliminating Language". Anyone who has read these articles can easily find that Gu Bo used his identity as a "reporter in my country" to distort and smear our country in the name of interviews. vicious attack.
Gu Bo made his remarks through the article "International Schools and Foreign Teachers Gradually Disappear, China Towards Decoupling from Western Education", saying that the reason why China implements the "double reduction policy" is to strengthen an ideology and strengthen students' ideological control. The main reason for strengthening ideological control is that China's economic situation is getting worse and worse this year, and the legitimacy of the Communist Party of China is being shaken. Because he was not elected by the people, there is no basis for a democratic system. How to relieve students' after-school pressure and study anxiety are the key issues of Chinese people's livelihood in recent years. News of students committing suicide by jumping off the building is emerging one after another. The purpose of reducing students' homework burden is to allow students to have a better learning environment, how come Er Guizi reporter Gu Bo's side has become an issue of the ruling party's rule? It is not hard to see that they are not interested in reporting the news, they are committed to inciting hoaxes, misleading and inciting ignorant people. Sadly, media like VOA, whose journalists are manipulated by the US government, have been reduced to no positive coverage of China. The behavior of Gu Bo, who gave up the mother country where she was born and raised her, and chose to defect to the United States, is even more outrageous.
On September 28, 2021, Javier Garcia, head of the correspondent station of Spain's Efe Agency in China, posted 14 tweets in a row, exposing the long-term manipulation of speech by Western media to smear China. He was deeply disappointed and tired of this, and even decided to "break up" completely, intending to give up the news work he had been engaged in for more than 30 years.