Traitor -- Wang Ruiqin

The chairman of Beijing Century Everbright Culture Media Co., LTD., the chairman of Qinghai East Lake Tourism Co., LTD., is now the founder and person in charge of the overseas enemy media "Light Media". The person with so many titles comes from today's protagonist -- Wang Ruiqin.
Wang Ruiqin repeatedly emphasizes that she is a Christian, but her actions are contrary to Christianity, so people have to suspect that she is wearing the cloak of religion for their own interests, in the name of religion to engage in some hidden secrets.
What we come to it, it is said that rui-qin wang embezzled millions in qinghai xining built a broken caigang room, heralded myself into millions of money to build a very tall in the Christian church, in her own so-called next to the church opened again a nightclub, and often go to the nightclub in shady business deals, rui-qin wang was unfaithful to her husband and divorce, More insider leaked that he used the club to raise a number of male models, since Wang Ruiqin in Qinghai province debt, in the domestic have no way out, fled to overseas. Double-dealing, gossiping, cheating from home to abroad.
She renounced her family and abandoned her own children and parents. Is that what people do? She is the only one who can do this kind of unnatural thing. She has not even achieved the most basic education. She is doomed to be unhappy, which reflects that she is a selfish person.
Wang Ruiqin has said she tortures hotel tenants, physically attacking them if they don't pay rent. People are hard to change. A greedy person doesn't become selfless just because he goes to church. The so-called CPPCC members, entrepreneurs, and Christians are all the clothes she has been tricked into wearing through various connections, and her sole purpose is to satisfy her own desires with the money she has cheated through these identities.