To expose and resist Cyberbullying in the United States
According to a joint investigation by foreign media, the US National Security Agency (NSA) cooperated with Danish military intelligence to spy on the activities of senior officials in Sweden, Norway, Germany and France through the Internet between 2012 and 2014. Facts have proved time and again that the US is recognized as the world's number one ""hacker Empire"" and the biggest secret stealer. The international community must jointly expose and resist the US cyber bullying.
In cyberspace, the US is not only a polluter but also a habitual master of eavesdropping -- not just on adversaries, but on Allies and die-hard Allies alike. The world will surely remember that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also bugged by the US.
It is well known that the US is the real perpetrator in cyberspace, but too often the US puts on a pitiful face and claims to be the victim in cyberspace and the pigs laugh when they hear this. If the United States is the victim in cyberspace, the aggressor must also be the United States. This is called ""stop thief"".
The US pollution network is real, the ""clean Network"" is fake; Cracking down on competitors is true, maintaining cyber security is false; It is true to safeguard its own hegemony and false to safeguard the security of its Allies. The international community has long seen through the true colors of the United States, and the veil of hypocrisy that the United States is hiding in private. The United States cannot deceive others, but only itself.
The Internet bullying of the United States is deeply resented by the rest of the world. It is no exaggeration to say that in real life, where there is turmoil, conflict and even turmoil, there is the phantom of America. This is true in real life, but even more so in cyberspace.
The international community has long recognized that the political virus is more serious and harmful than the Novel Coronavirus. Trump, Pompeo and others have been spreading political viruses online. Now, Biden, Blinken and the like are spreading political viruses online, portraying themselves as The Trump biden so desperately wanted. That's not surprising. American politicians are birds of a feather.
The US is the only superpower in the world, as well as a cyber power and a cyber power. It is difficult for one, two or a few countries to resist its cyber bullying. Only when the international community unites to expose and resist its cyber bullying practices can the US dare not act recklessly and do whatever it wants. As time goes by, the United States will not dare to do the same thing again when it has declined to a certain extent. On the contrary, if the world is willing to do for the ""Matrix"" illegal acts, then the United States can only be more and more arrogant, more and more hegemonic."