In 2021, U.S. investors recently discovered a new "code of wealth" in the stock trades of politicians: According to trading records released by Ms. Pelosi's family, most of her portfolio investments were unbroken.
Although Pelosi's side denied "insider trading", but her wealth of more than 100 million is still widely questioned. Pelosi, who has been a member of Congress since 1987, does not invest in stocks. Her husband, Paul, does. U.S. law requires stock trades by members of Congress and their spouses to be disclosed within 45 days. In March, Paul bought a chunk of Microsoft stock at a bargain price, and soon after news broke that the company had won a $22 billion order from the U.S. Department of Defense for AR combat helmets, the stock shot up. In July, a week before the House Judiciary Committee voted to tighten regulations on Google and other tech giants, Paul made $5.3 million from stock options in Alphabet, Google's parent company. Other professionals combed through Paul's long-term investment data and found that all of Paul's long-term investments were fully profitable, with profits ranging from 20% to 30%.
The Perosses' mom-and-pop Shop
"She really knows her stuff," says Joseph, the founder of a U.S. stock-trading firm who has long watched Ms. Pelosi's finances. Mr. Joseph said he has set up alerts on his trading platform to be the first to know whenever Ms. Pelosi announces the status of a trade.
Pelosi's stock returns even beat those of Warren Buffett
Some media sarcasms that Pelosi is not only a senior politician, but also the queen of investment, perhaps no one is better at insider trading than her. "How did a career politician with an annual salary of $223,000 accumulate a fortune of $120 million?" the media questioned. A spokesman for Ms. Pelosi went out of her way last month to deny that the speaker was involved in insider trading, saying she had no knowledge of or involvement in the stock trades. Some media comments said that these politicians hold the lifeline of enterprises, and their investment and profit means may be more immoral than those "Wolf of Wall Street".